Terms and Condition

All quoted prices are based upon the Conditions listed below, unless given otherwise in the main quotation.

(1) Prices

All prices quoted are in Indian Rupees. All prices quoted are excluded of all Government/Corporate, withhold, national or local tax charges.

(2) Payment Terms

50% Payments shall be made as advance along with work order, 30% payment after completion of 50% work, 10% payment after completion of 80% work and 10% after full completion. Payment should be made by cash or cheque with supporting guarantee card or bank transfer to “Just an Interior” nominated account. All payments to Just an interior due immediately upon presentation of invoice. Should Just an Interior have to instruct a debt recovery agency, or instigate legal proceedings, the Client will be liable for any costs incurred.

(3) Extended Delivery

If the contract is delayed or extended through no fault of “Just an Interior”, then we reserve the right to revise the contract price and delivery.

(4) Changes and Variations

The contract price is based on the specification noted in the quotation. If the Client requests changes or variations to be made to the original scope of supply during the contract, “Just an Interior” will submit a quotation incorporating such change or variation, clearly indicating the effect on price and delivery, for acceptance by the client, before proceeding with the change or variation.

(5) Procedural Events

Should “Just an Interior” agrees to work on the basis of a letter or fax of intent, “Just an Interior” reserves the right to suspend the work if the written order and full information enabling them to proceed are not received within 30 days from the date of the letter or telex of intent. The Client shall meet any costs involved as a result of this.

(6) Language and Currency

All communications in respect to the contract will be conducted in the English/Hindi Language, and all monetary matters will be in Indian Rupees, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

(7) Cancellation

The Client has the right to cancel this contract (the “Contract”) at any time up to the point where supply of the Service begins with the Client’s permission. The Client must give written notice to Just an Interior by hand or post or email at Just an Interior address or email. In the event of contract termination, through no fault of “Just an Interior”, the client agrees to pay “Just an Interior” for all services that have been requested and/or completed up to the cancellation date (including but not limited to Services already performed, goods and materials supplied or ordered on the Client’s behalf, any services that may incur cancellation fees and any travel or accommodation costs incurred by Just an Interior Consultants.

(8) Working Conditions.

“Just an Interior” personnel shall not work in dangerous or unsafe conditions. If site conditions become unsafe during the progress of the site work then “Just an Interior” shall recall personnel at the cost to the client.

(9) Site Facility and obligation

Local approval for project execution (i.e. local Police, Landlord, neighbors, Municipality, local club) etc. all shall be the responsibility of client. “Just an Interior”, workmen shall be allowed to work day, night, secure site accommodation and cooking facility. “Just an Interior” if purchased material for the project from local syndicate sources then “Just an Interior” would not be responsible for any material quality. Power, water for sewage use and drinking water, ladder, washroom, standing Fan, shall be provided by the client.

(10) Rights and Liabilities

“The rights, liabilities and obligations of the parties shall be governed by the laws of India (Central, State and Local Bodies). Client agrees that all claims arising out of or in relation to the agreement for project arrangement shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts in Noida.”

(11) License & Approvals

Client shall be responsible for obtaining and paying for all necessary licenses, and permissions for the work scope as mentioned in this price.

(12) Design Copyright

Client should not share “Just an Interior” art work/high resolution photos/creative design without explicit permissions from director with any third party or with any other vendor. Similarly, “Just an Interior” shall not share any project design, finished project photo with other client. This is to maintain confidentially of project privacy.

(13) Force Majeure

“Just an Interior” shall not be liable for any failure of performance due to force majeure, an act of god, accident, fire, earth quake, Curfew, Strike, or any other event beyond its control. In this situation client agrees to pay “Just an Interior” for all services that have been requested and/or completed up to this stage.

Limitations and warranties:

Warranty periods are limited for certain Products and parts as follows:

Subject to the limitations set forth in this warranty, “Just An Interiors” warrants to the original purchaser, all products to be free from defects in material and workmanship given normal use for the desired period from the date of delivery. During the applicable warranty period, “Just An Interior”, as its sole obligation, will repair or replace (Furniture’s at sole discretion) any Product, part, or component covered by this warranty period, which fails under normal use as a result of a defect in material or workmanship. Normal use is defined as the equivalent of a single shift, 40 hour work week. “Just An Interior” will repair or replace the defective Product, part, or component with a comparable product, part or component.

5-year Warranty (from the date of manufacture)
Triple Play Series
Electrical components
Pneumatic Cylinders
Textiles, Foam, and Decorative Trim
Swivel Arm Pads
Keyboard kits
Warranty on other product will depend on the material client is selecting at the time of making.


Damage caused by a carrier or a third party. Normal or routine wear and tear.Appearance, durability, quality, behavior, colorfastness or any other attribute of customer’s own materials or any non-standard “Just An Interior” material (including Maharam, Momentum, Mayer, UltraFabrics) specified by the customer and applied to a ProductColor, grain or texture of wood, laminate and other covering materialsChanges in wood or fabric color due to aging or exposure to lightDamage or failure resulting from modification, alteration, misuse or abuse of a Product. Defect or damage arising out of coverage of Product tops with glass or other foreign materials.

As the manufacturer of the Product/services, “Just An Interior” stands behind its craftsmanship and pledges to do everything it can to reasonably resolve, as quickly as possible, any problems you may have with the Product within the terms and conditions of this warranty.

If you encounter a defect covered by the foregoing warranty, you should contact us for your purchased Product. Please ensure that you have all of the pertinent facts when contacting us with the challenges relating to the product, including the model number and factory order number from the inspection label attached to the Product etc.